The first Doliio Beta is here!

See what’s in V0.1 and look out for your invite.

Doliio will be able to manage all aspects of your social life when V1.0 is out later this year! For now, we’ve included the core set of features to start testing Doliio and seeing how it works.

What’s in the first release?

It will be compatible with Facebook and Twitter, first on iOS. We’ve included only the core features for this version but we’re working really hard on getting V0.2 out the door within the next couple of weeks — and it’s gonna be HUGE!

Available features:
- Posting comments & photos on FB
- Commenting & liking on FB
- Happy birthday posts on FB
- Posting tweets & photos on Twitter
- Replying to tweets on Twitter

Look out for your invite and get involved!

  • If you’ve been selected, you should be receiving an email from TestFlight <> within the next few days. Follow the instructions to download the app
  • We’ll also invite you into a discussion group so you can talk about Doliio with other beta testers
  • Our FAQ has been updated with findings from our alpha so be sure to read it
  • You’re probably really excited to be on Doliio! We’re excited to sharing it with you, so make sure you help others better manage themselves online and share Doliio with them!

If you’re seeing this for the first time, and would like to get in line for the Doliio beta, be sure to check out our website at and sign up there!

Unsure about signing up for Doliio? Read our list of 5 reasons why you’ll love Doliio and see how it’s a really great platform for you to show people that you care about them!