More Friendships = More Meaning

How Doliio will get Your Relationships Rocking Again

Doliio can help your popularity skyrocket

Do you remember the way in which Facebook changed the way you thought about relationships?

You went from someone with a black book with a few scribbled down details, a couple of close buddies and a girlfriend or boyfriend to the veritable winner of a popularity contest overnight. We think that your Autonomous Self-Agent (ASA) is primed to take your relationships on another transformation .

Your ASA wants nothing more than to be the very best version of you possible — its goal is to create authentic relationships with the people in your life. Using our HABIT technology combined with the publicly available data (PAD) that fuels your ASA, Doliio is able to manage your relationships in three ways:

  • Making new connections
  • Re-establishing lost connections
  • Making existing relationships even stronger

Making New Connections

Doliio is here to help bring people together

When was the last time you made a new friend? No, not just someone you met once and added on Facebook immediately before forgetting they exist. Building new relationships is something we all find incredibly enriching but something we find less and less time for.

With Doliio you have an ASA that understands you. If you want your ASA to seek out new friendships Doliio instinctively knows to increase activity on public channels like Twitter or Instagram as well as seeking out new companions on services such as Happn or Tinder.

When you make a new friend, Doliio will do everything it can to make that relationship a successful one. Our unique Arbitrary Activity Boost (AAB) generates a high level of activity with new contacts so your ASA increases your chances of making the friendship a sticky one.

Re-Establishing Lost Connections

Apps like Timehop and Facebook’s own On This Day let Facebookers look back on embarrassing photos and posts. Using the See Friendship feature lets users focus on their history with a single person.

With Doliio you can do even more.

Since Doliio can easily track your activity and interactions for each relationship, it knows when it’s time to get back in touch with someone you may not have spoken to for a while.

Your ASA will look to trigger interactions, even starting conversations, and watches for reactions from all parties before taking further action. From its targets behaviour, as well as your own, your ASA knows whether or not to go further, pushing more activity towards that individual, or to let that particular relationship lie dormant.

Making existing relationships even stronger

Your core group. Your loved ones. Partners, friends and family. Whoever they are, these are the most important people in the world for you.

By analyzing your interactions, Doliio can identify the people closest to you and adjust its behaviour accordingly.

This select group will receive responses almost instantly to ensure they are never left hanging. They need the most attention and your ASA is there to supply it. Your ASA is also on high-alert for calendar conflicts which may occur between this priority group and other less important people, reducing the burden on you to make decisions and ensuring that you are present for those that matter.

So close you’re almost touching

So what does all of this result in?

Do you remember the way in which Facebook initially brought more people into your life? Doliio not only brings more friendships but more meaning.

By optimizing each interaction, Doliio helps you to get as much value out of each person as possible. By enhancing your ability to build authentic relationships with the people in your life your ASA is helping to guarantee that your popularity reaches new heights. All of this just by making sure that the real you reaches as many people as possible. That’s why we say it’s not about being social anymore, it’s about being you.

If you can’t wait to get your friendships rocking again, sign up to be part of our beta test at