Giving You Superhuman Powers

If someone offered you the chance to have superhuman powers what would you say?

We already have an amazing array of senses that make the world around us come to life. We experience emotions like agony and love in what can only be described as a magical way. We strive above anything for deeper more meaningful relationships, and with good reason — our ability to communicate effectively and build networks has been the cornerstone of civilization.

“So why do I need more?” you might ask.

Well like everyone you’ve probably experienced forgetting a friend’s birthday. You’re also sure to have absent-mindedly failed to respond to a Tinder match more than once. And just how many times have you cancelled that regular call with the family?

You’re not a bad person. You’re trying. But what can you do about it, after all you’re only human right?

Our human capabilities have started to leave us wanting. Though technology has helped us to construct incredible global networks, and given us access to tools that make communication more immediate, we still want more.

What if there was an effortless way for you to become a fantastic friend, a more caring son or daughter, a more attentive potential partner?

With Doliio you can do just that.

Doliio gives you the superhuman powers you’ve always dreamed of

Since your ASA is not limited in the same ways that you are, it can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, giving each person or group its undivided attention. And of course since Doliio knows how to portray the real you, the people on the other side of the conversation need never know that you’re busy doing something else — in effect it’s like being able to teleport, manipulate time, and replicate yourself all under an invisibility cloak. Think of it as acquiring the kind of superhuman powers you used to dream about as a kid.

While your ASA is busy making sure that everyone is getting the attention they need, you can keep on doing what’s really important for you. No need to worry anymore about those small gestures or forgetting things. In fact you won’t have to worry about remembering very much at all!

But what happens if you bump into someone that your ASA has been talking to? Don’t worry, thanks to a new service which we call Doliio Daily Updates you’ll never miss a thing. You will find full details about this new service in an upcoming post.

If these superpowers sound like something you’ve always dreamed of sign up to be part of our beta test now.