At Doliio privacy is of the utmost importance

Bots needs Privacy Too

It’s been a month since we started our pre-Alpha and Alpha tests. Things have been going great but at Doliio we are always keen to learn about ways in which we can improve our service.

One of the most common questions we have received so far is:

“Why are posts made on my behalf not marked as such?”

Today we are going to explain why Doliio is and always will be an invisible hand guiding your online presence.

Focusing on the Real You

When working on Doliio we stuck to our guns from day one. We followed an exhaustively human centred approach, putting you the user at the heart of everything we do. Extensive testing and research led us to the conclusion that what sets Doliio apart from simple chatbot services or rudimentary AI is the ability of your ASA to really take on your form.

It is the natural progression from simple chatbot services which offer fun but non-relatable characters for you to interact with or engines like Siri which pretend to offer users some sort of third-party intelligence to tap into. All of these services seek to be more personal, more relevant to you yet none, for the time-being at least, take the approach that nothing is more personal than the real you.

ASAs Need Privacy Too

In order for your ASA to succeed in its mission to communicate with the world around you in an authentic, meaningful way, its identity (and by extension yours) cannot be compromised. It’s absolutely imperative that your mum reading a message from your ASA in your nuanced, individual tone of voice, not only believes that it is you but does not suspect anything at all.

Anything else and the recipient of actions taken on your behalf could become hostile towards you, believing that you are not showing them enough respect or valuing your relationship with them.

A World of ASAs

As Doliio expands to more users the likelihood is that ASA’s will be talking to one another in the background while you are busy focusing on what matters to you. Again publicly marking actions as performed by an ASA would not be constructive here.

Firstly you would simply be unable to go through all of the messages, likes, matches, photos, videos, tweets, and other activity.

Secondly in the same way we respect your ASAs anonymity and privacy, we uphold the same standards to any other ASAs in the Doliio digiverse.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, your ASA can only function in a world where authentic relationships thrive, where users believe that their online presence is conveying their true feelings.

Clearly then, there is no additional value to the user from knowing that a conversation was not with a ‘real’ individual compared with the ability to interact in real time in the way that only Doliio offers.